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Image by Jr Korpa

Hence Poetry
( Or Titli Udi )

Hence Poetry is a metaphysical poem, imaginatively recounting the origin of Poetry, and it’s significance for mankind.

It was quite an old Thought

But it wanted to dance

with shimmering stars

and drink up the azure sky

like a blue curacao mojito

abandoning its inhibitions

like a reckless striptease artist

in the champagne cabaret

Of the glass goblet of space

So it escaped the prison of mind

Soared like a kite into the sphere

Of imagination with the escape velocity

Of a spaceship or a teenager

Eloping with a forbidden lover

In a Victorian novel headed for Gretna Green

and ultimately perhaps like Tess

for the gallows , but it was beyond caring

so it floated away, careless as a bottle

set on the rising tide with a message

by desperate castaways on a desert island

unaware of it’s life and death significance

delighted to be bobbing up and down

on the foamy ocean waves till a kindred soul

found it and held it as delicately

as it would a moth or a butterfly

with the secret of everlasting youth

scribbled upon its gossamer wings .

The thought changed the world

but alas ! the world did not even realise

that it had emerged from the chrysalis

Till it was almost too late

But not quite. And so the World

was saved by Thought and Imagination.

Hence Poetry.

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My Quarrel

My Quarrel is a metaphysical Poem, recounting the constant battle of the 'self' and the 'soul'. Written in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet, it also mirrors the language and style of the Bard.

My quarrel, Sweet, is not with thee at all

Nor is it really set against the world

All my contention is like a rough sea squall

And I myself against my mind am hurled

Thy locks of russet hair plaited and pearled

Thine eyes of wonder opening so wide

Thy flouncy skirts in disapproval swirled

Express the reproach that thy words still hide

I would not hurt for worlds thy maiden pride

So leave me, pray, to mine own churlish self

And let me contend with my restless side

That cares not for station or power or pelf

My questioning mind that probes eternity

For answers , meaning, and some certainty.

Image by Jr Korpa

Amita Paul is the pen name of Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia , one of the various pen names used by Punjab-born, Patna-based retired Indian bureaucrat , who has of late begun to be recognised on various digital platforms for her original writings in different genres, in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi .Her writings are imaginative, humane, socially relevant, ecologically sensitive and public- spirited, with occasional flashes of humour ranging from sharp satire to gentle ribbing of her indulgent readers.

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