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The Witch's Secret

Not satisfied with cooking up frogs, lizards and worms for dinner, a wicked witch turns her evil machinations to something else. Will her evil shenanigans backfire? An interesting yarn spun by Deby Cedars.

She lived alone in a cave.  The fire she had built was blazing.  She had already eaten her frogs and lizards.  The frying pan was empty once more.  She gazed up at the moon.  She was jealous of its beauty.  Her jealousy was so strong and powerful she was able to create a spell that had never been created before.  As she chanted the wicked words her blue eyes turned green, and her arms became unnaturally long... So long in fact that she could reach up and pluck the moon right out of the sky.  She brought it down gently with a satisfied evil grin on her face.  She placed it in the frying pan and joked to herself "Mama needs a new pair of shoes."  This was very ironic because she was childless.  Her babies, if you will, were her frogs, lizards, worms and fish, along with her snails, and pet star fish.


It took a very long time, but the moon melted.  The silvery sparkling goo was about to bubble over when she poured it into two shoe moulds.  She blew her ice-cold breath on them.  Soon she had done it.  She had stolen the moon and disguised it as the most beautiful pair of shoes you would ever lay your eyes upon.  She was a very vain witch.  She got dressed up as a princess and went off to the town festival, wearing her magical lunar heals.  As she danced around the town, she drank elderberry wine and laughed gayly.  She stood near the Mayor and his wife.  He was saying to his wife "I don't understand it the astronomers said there would be a full moon tonight...And there is not a cloud in the sky.  My God I hope the world isn't coming to an end."  "Don't be a worry wart,” his wife replied..."Just enjoy the party."  Then the Mayor’s wife looked down at the witch disguised as a beautiful girl and said "Oh my, what beautiful shoes you have.  Where on earth did you get them?"  The witch lavished in the compliment and nonchalantly quipped.  "They were hand crafted.  I just love them.  They are out of this world, aren't they."

She danced and spun till the late-night hours and then began to feel sick.  She walked alone in the silver shoes back to her cave.  She laid down laughing.  No one would see the moon's beauty ever again...She felt smug, but a bit hung over.  She decided to try to sleep it off.  As she was snoring softly, she could hear the waves on the beach.  They seemed louder than usual though.  She had not realized that the tides did not know what to do without the moon.  As they flooded into her cave, she continued to sleep...She was too drunk to even know that she was drowning.  Her body was swept out to sea where the sharks ate it as a midnight snack.  The magic lunar shoes sunk to the bottom of the ocean.  No one saw the moon again after that...but I heard that a brave scuba diver found the sparkling silver lunar shoes.

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Deby Cedars started writing poetry and short stories at age 7.  She wrote more when she was diagnosed with a mental illness at the age of 42.  It was one of her many therapies.  She now lives a happy and stable life with her Husband in Florida.

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