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Image by Irina Iriser

To the Wind that speaks of Stars

The poet's imagination takes wings and journeys through a rusty evening, dead-end stairs and leaves that fall with ashes of the sky. 

My evening is rustier than yours.

It comes at a time when I return 

After navigating all the forbidden borders.

Like the metamorphosis of dead-end stairs,

It tangles a thousand nocturnal eruptions

around my toes and 

all the lost traces of a country 

that once grew inside me

rise like fire inside water.

The leaves fall

with the ashes of the sky.

And with it,

all that was born from a hand 

that nurtured the ground beneath my feet.

I make a garden from there,

wear it around my neck

while carrying all the bits of your self

with the loudest of silence.

Image by eduard

Meeting of Two Waves

A beautiful poem that traverses the chasm between one grey window and another.


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When all the doors close down

I wait at this window, 

running my clumsy fingers over its grills,

desperately trying to seek out rain

that can feel your hands. 


My room is hundred years old

like the bylanes of my city,

where every shadow that trails behind 

tells stories of you and me.

I keep a few parchment papers at my window 

for you to write the chronicles of time.

For it is time that brought us here

from all the aimless wandering.


Your window is on the other end of the story,

that sometimes looks like mine--

weary, grey and old with the weight of time,

where flowers bloom and die the same night.

And you show me the light of a storm.

You leave a thousand untold words inside

its empty spaces for me

to colour the nauseating days.


The windows stand at the two ends 

of the city,

like two wingless birds at dusk.

But in sleep when all the world is dead,

I see them melting in each other

like the meeting of two waves at the shore.


Oindri Sengupta is an Assistant Teacher of English at a Govt School in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.She had been published in national and international journals like The Lake (UK), Istanbul Literary Review, Chiron Review (USA), Outlook India, Plato's Caves Online, Abridged (Northern Ireland) etc. Her debut collection of poetry 'After the Fall of a Cloud', has been published by Hawakal Publishers, New Delhi (2022, February). Her poetry has also been adapted into a play named, 'Another Rainbow', by Alternative Living Theatre (Kolkata).

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