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Image by Danie Franco

Rush Hour

Thoughts scream for attention in the ‘rush hour’ of the brain, making the poet panic like an insect trapped under a glass. But his panic and anxiety are assuaged by the promise of freedom of thought.

Like a city infected with rush hour,

your mind teems with congested thoughts.

They linger in the background, grumbling,

threatening and shouting; suffocating sanity

as your eyes look towards greener

pastures where freedom lives loose.

You hold your breath and listen

to the living infection nestled in your brain.

Your day started out good, but like always

the pollution proved too much, pushing you off

into the world of suspense. Like an insect trapped

under the glass you panic and hope for

a chance to flee your trap and finally

be free, but it isn’t the city or the traffic

that sucks the air out of your breath

but the freedom of your thoughts at your side,

comforting you in your quiet moments.

Writing an application

Aldas is a writer and editor with MA in Creative Writing. He had the privilege of being chosen as the Irish Writers Centre delegate for the International Literature Festival Dublin 2020. His work has been featured in Cabinet of Heed, The Fiction Pool, Qutub Minar Review and elsewhere. You can find out more at

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