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Image by Daniel Páscoa


Delusions, backward glances, blurred vision et al coalesce in a poem that talks about alchemy and life.


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Oppressive delusions

begin to serenade the mind.

Backward glances, unfinished as

Blurred visions whirl with pleasure.


In a sky transfigured

transparent and wavering

memories of water evaporate,

Damp hands summon in remorse.


Alchemy mutates a life of meaning

to splintered icons beneath the earth.

Somewhere a telephone rings,

and recalibrates the universe.

Image by Chilli Charlie


Rules, choices and mistakes fetter and imprison but a new beginning ushers the poet to a world of happiness and joy. 



between all boundaries.



The light


is always within grasp.



Winding through the face

of another.



in the prison


of darkness.






To move forward

in love,


painting a new beginning.

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Carl Scharwath has published three poetry books and his latest book 'Playground of Destiny' features poetry, short stories and photography. His two photography books were published by Praxis in Africa. His photography was exhibited in the Mount Dora Center for The Arts gallery and The Leesburg Center for The Arts. Seven global poets have also selected his photography to grace the covers of their published books. Carl was the art editor for Minute Magazine (4 years,) is a contributing editor for ILA Magazine and was nominated for The Best of the Net Award (2021) by Penumbric Magazine. He was also a finalist for the Mary Cassatt award for photography.  He happens to be a competitive runner, and a  2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo.

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