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Muir Woods

The Muir Woods National Monument is a coastal redwood forest located on Mount Tamalpais near the Pacific Coast in Marin County, California.  It is named after naturalist John Muir.  Due to its proximity to the ocean, the forest is regularly shrouded in a coastal marine layer fog that encourages vigorous plant growth. Sequoioideae are popularly known as redwoods, and are a subfamily of coniferous trees. It includes the largest and tallest trees in the world.  

Muir 1.jpg

Here's the map to all the trails that meander through the woods.

Muir 2.jpg

Welcome to the home of the oldest and tallest trees in the World

Muir 3.jpg

A canopy of greens envelops you in its cool embrace as soon as you enter its hallowed portals.

Muir 4.jpg

Surrounded by green foliage and tall trees, the azure of the sky seems out of reach.

Muir 5.jpg

An unpaved trail snakes upwards leaving you breathless with the climb and the stupendous beauty of the magnificent redwoods.

Muir 6-min.jpg

Some trees bend under the weight of their age creating a green archway. You can hunt for the rare four-leaved clover in the under bush. We didn't find any. 

muir 8-min.jpg

An unpaved trail beckons an unwary trekker with promise of pristine and untouched woods. 

Muir 9.jpg

The Redwoods loom large and overbearing but offer glimpses of the blue sky and the clouds scuttling playfully.

Muir 10-min.jpg

Dwarfed by the tallest trees in the world, you realise you are a non-entity in Nature's larger scheme of things. 

muir 11-min.jpg

A thin stream of water gurgles past as if laughing at man's temerity in thinking he is the biggest and best.

Digital Camera 2

The Wise Owl Team visited Muir Woods this summer

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