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View from Window

The River

The poet turns nostalgic as he fondly remembers the place by the river which was home to him and where ‘new chapters’ had been ‘envisioned, created and lived together.’

i will miss the river

the long wooden boats, the fishing nets


the shaded lane

the salutes


i will miss the scratched wooden floors

him sliding, her chasing

the tree line

the cat protected furniture


i look forward to the grass

him prancing, her nipping

your vision, your mark

a house into a home


i will follow you anywhere

north hollwood to yanbu

retail to retirement


new chapters envisioned, created and lived together


Tony Arnold is affectionately known to some as an accidental world traveller. Being geographically challenged and having no interest in traveling, Tony met a woman who showed him what he was missing. The woman quickly became his wife. Their adventures have spanned the globe.

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