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Image by Robin Edqvist

Rear-View Mirror

The poet regards a rear-view mirror as necessary to hold on to people who leave. Whimsically, he imagines that when people leave a’ tongue is born’, a tongue that does not have ‘its own script.’

We have been waiting for a while now.
The glass of the sky
Growing slowly between us.
Till the wind, on an errand
Reminds us to look more carefully
At the dust of the moon
Settling on our silence.
One needs a rear-view mirror
To hold onto people who leave.
When they do,
A tongue is born
Which doesn’t yet have its own script.

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Sayan Aich Bhowmik is currently Assistant Professor, Department of English, Shirakole College. He is the co-editor of Plato's Caves Online, a semi academic space discussing literature, poetry and culture and has recently published his debut collection of poems, I Will Come With A Lighthouse.

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