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Children Praying


The poet hopes that wishes come true for all children, whether they are wishes made at a birthday party or upon a falling star or the ones made by parents for their children that are like a benediction.        

I Hope Yours Come True!  


Before mom cuts your cake                  

in the midst of festive cheer,                  

these are dreams of hope you make    

at a party every year.  



Or, you can make them in a well,        

or upon a falling star;                            

but they're secrets so you can't tell,                      

anybody what they are!    



Oh, and just so you're aware, 

your parents make them too!

Paired with a protective prayer;

they make theirs for you.   

Writing an application

Chris Rothwell loved teaching, but had to leave the profession early due to Toxoplasmosis, which has left him visually impaired. Thanks to Wise Owl Magazine, Chris can still connect with children through his riddle poems; that he hopes you'll enjoy, and share with others!

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