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Image by Benjamin Voros

Lost in the Vast Cosmos

Memories of the past encroach on the unhappy poet's consciousness.

The sickle moon is a false

smile in an indifferent sky.

Hidden in the grass,

crickets sing dissonant hymns.

I lose myself in memories

of springs past,

as the stars surround me,

like a broken halo.

They are far away.

That’s where they’ll stay.

The sky is like a book

in a language I can’t read.

I try to understand,

but beneath my feet

are the bones of creatures

who once had the same need.

Image by Johannes Plenio

NATURE’S WAY (After Li Po)

The poet muses about an indifferent nature, insensitive to the vagaries of old age.

Trees crack like whips

in a furious wind.

The lake’s waves

beat mercilessly

against the shore.

I close my door.

I’m alone with the moon

and a million stars.

Nature is dismal and cold.

It has no thoughts.

It has no emotions.

It knows nothing

of growing old.

I gaze at the sky

passing over my head,

unable to return to my bed.

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk

George Freek's poetry has appeared in numerous Journals and Reviews. His poem Written At Blue Lake" was nominated by "Poetry South" for a Pushcart Prize. His poem "Enigmatic Variations" was also nominated by "Big Windows Review" for Best of the Net. His collection "Melancholia" is published by Red Wolf Editions.

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